Accessibility Ally Membership

We are Here for You

Accessibility does not have to be expensive and you do not need to stress about doing it “right” when Wandke Consulting is on your team. We offer memberships so you can call on us for your organization’s accessibility needs.

We are here to be your organization’s advisors in improving your best practices. We are people with disabilities who want to ensure that your organization is as accessible and inclusive of our disability community as possible. With nearly 61 million Americans living with a disability, it is always the right time to be an ally and invest in better access. Join us in making the world a more inclusive space by starting with your organization.


$2,500k/quarter // $833.33/month

– 25 hours/quarter –

– Contract of 12 months –

$10k/year per client

Membership Benefits

We have so much to offer. Want to enure that your website is accessible? We are experts in website and app accessibility. Are you unsure if your company policy is inclusive to the disability community? We got you covered! We can also assit in making your PDFs and PowerPoints readible for all your customers, clients and employees. Use the table below as a guide to what we can help you with each quarter!

Web Page Audit
3 Hours/Page
Switch Use Case
2 Hours/Task
Screen Reader Use Case
2 Hours/Task
Magnification Use Case
1 Hour/Task
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Thank you for being an ally!