Client Success Story


Western Washington University’s College of Business and Economics has formed an Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity (AEID) Committee with the mission of creating an equitable and inclusive learning space for all students.

Follow the College of Business and Economic’s pathway to creating more accessibility through their AEID initiative in partnership with Wandke Consulting:

Step 1:

We met with the WWU CBE AEID committee to address the accessibility and inclusion needs on WWU’s campus to create a more inclusive space for students with disabilities.

Step 2:

We utilized personal experience to deliver a series of workshops and training sessions for WWU CBE faculty and staff covering accessible and inclusive learning environments.

Step 3:

We provided our disability perpsective to create modules and gather supplemental curricula content to enhance disability representation within CBE.

Interested in partnering with us as we have with WWU CBE? Be sure to contact us!