Curriculum Development

What We Do

Looking to create curricula? We provide our disability inclusion expertise to help organizations develop curricula that increase disability awareness within your organization or can be provided as resources for the disability community, both of which are meant to empower the disability community. We work alongside organizations to create resources on how to accommodate and educate people with disabilities. We believe that educated and informed leaders can help spark momentum toward progress. 

Curriculum Development Services

For Organizations

We can help you design accessibility training materials for your organization to create a more inclusive environment or to provide directly as resources to your clients with disabilities. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to open your doors and empower people of all abilities. 

For Mentor Programs

Want to empower the disability community through mentorship? As people with disabilities, we can help you design training materials for your mentors to utilize as tools to train them to then empower the disability community. Be ready to give your mentors the knowledge and resources they need to best prepare their mentees with disabilities for success.

For Educators

We develop resources to help your department better accommodate people with disabilities. With this knowledge, we will empower you to effectively teach, work beside, and learn from people with disabilities. 

For Government

We can help you design processes and build policies that are more inclusive to the disability community. Our vision is to provide your branch with the tools it needs to be better leaders in the accessibility movement and to empower both employees and clients with disabilities.

Client Cases


PolicyWorks is one of the largest peer-mentoring non-profits in the United States that empowers the disability community by creating connections for college and job transitions.


Created a peer mentoring module curriculum for PolicyWorks to implement into their practices. The modules outline how to make their services more accessible to their clients.


Offered our unique perspective as people with disabilities to ensure the content provided is culturally appropriate, accessible and impactful.