Inclusive Marketing

What We Do

At Wandke Consulting, we specialize in inclusive marketing that represents the disability community accurately and welcomes them to your business. With our help, you can create and manage content that communicates with this growing market segment in a way that is respectful and engaging. Some of our successful inclusive marketing examples include:

  • A social media campaign that invited people with disabilities to share their stories
  • A national advertising campaign featuring people with disabilities in prominent roles
  • Working with businesses to create Disability Awareness Month campaigns

Inclusive Marketing Services

Our Inclusive Campaign Advising

Looking to ensure your campaign messaging is fully inclusive of people with disabilities? Look no further than our expert disability advising services! Our team has a unique perspective as people with disabilities, and we can help you ensure your campaign is respectful and accurate when representing the disability community. With our guidance, you can be sure your campaign is Disability-Inclusive!

Our Inclusive Content Services

Inclusive Marketing is crucial for any company looking to capture the hearts and minds of people with disabilities. Our team has the robust blogging and content management experience necessary to help your business connect with this powerful community. As insiders, we know what matters most to those who live with disability every day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach this valuable market.

Client Cases


PolicyWorks is one of the largest peer-mentoring non-profits in the United States that empowers the disability community by creating connections for college and job transitions.


Enhanced social media presence, created and managed content that accurately represents the disability community, and provided an accessible website redesign.


Gave a disability perspective to ensure that the marketing material is culturally appropriate, accessible and impactful.