Inclusive Marketing

What We Do

We offer our unique perspectives as people with disabilities to serve as advisors on social media, advertising, PR, and marketing campaigns. Wandke Consulting can help your company represent an accurate voice of the disability community. We also have the tools to help you create and manage content that invites the disability community to your business. 

Inclusive Marketing Services

Why Campaign Advising

We offer our expert guidance as both advocates and members of the disability community. With our advising service, you will receive access to our unique perspectives as people with disabilities, and ensure that you are accurately representing people with disabilities.

Why Content Services

With your mission in mind, and the interest of the disability community, we compile, create, and manage content for organizations looking to capture and amplify the voices of people with disabilities. With robust blogging and content management experience, we are a reliable resource for your company as insiders to the disability community.  

Client Cases


PolicyWorks is one of the largest peer-mentoring non-profits in the United States that empowers the disability community by creating connections for college and job transitions.


Enhanced social media presence, created and managed content that accurately represents the disability community, and provided an accessible website redesign.


Gave a disability perspective to ensure that the marketing material is culturally appropriate, accessible and impactful.