Our Team

The mission of Wandke Consulting is to assist organizations in creating a more accessible and inclusive environment. Wandke Consulting is equipped to help you navigate and achieve your accessibility goals. This is for the benefit of your market; you will be fulfilling the needs of your customers leaving them with a positive user experience. 

Daman Wandke

CEO, Founder

Daman Wandke, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of Wandke Consulting. Beyond his role at Wandke Consulting, Daman also serves as an advisor for several non-profits such as the Northwest Access Fund and the AIROW Project (Adaptive & Inclusive Recreation of Whatcom County). Along with his passion as a leader and advocate for the disability community, Daman is a Disability Studies Instructor at Western Washington University. Before launching Wandke Consulting, Daman founded and developed AbiliTrek, a search and review platform that provides people with disabilities critical accessibility information to successfully navigate the world. Daman Wandke has ten years of experience testing Web Accessibility in the public and private sectors, ranging from small local businesses to multinational corporations. In addition to providing access to the digital world, Daman also educates audiences providing the framework of how to become an ally for the disability community. As someone living with a disability, Daman applies his unique perspectives on accessibility to create effective consulting practices for organizations aiming to be more inclusive. Within his life of disability advocacy and entrepreneurship, Daman is an avid traveler and bicyclist in his free time.

Kyann Flint

Director of Accessibility

Kyann Flint, the Director of Accessibility, is a passionate advocate for the disability community. Beyond her roles at Wandke Consulting, Kyann is the Executive Director of two non-profits with the mission of empowering the disability community, AbiliTrek and Ms. Wheelchair Washington of America. Kyann has spoken on a plethora of disability-related topics to a diverse range of audiences, most notably she was a disability expert for KIRO7, has taught accessibility and inclusion to lawyers to fulfill Continuing Legal Education credits as well as to political and hospitality personnel. She has also spoken to all age levels from primary to post-secondary students as well as Educators and Administrators. Kyann held the title of Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2017 and placed 2nd runner-up at Ms. Wheelchair America 2018 where she received the Emerging Leader Award. As a person with a disability, Kyann lives life with the motto of “Defying the Defined Disability”; she strives to educate society on how social barriers, like ignorance and stereotypes, limit the disability community. Kyann is also a lover of coffee and travel.

Supporting Team

A headshot of Luke smiling at the camera. There is an out of focus, green backdrop behind him.

Luke Wetherbee
Lead Web Developer

Luke is an experienced web developer. He works on web services and provides technical expertise on our client’s projects. He climbs and drinks coffee when not programming.

A headshot of Jan smiling at the camera. She is wearing a dark, floral shirt, glasses and her hair is down. There is a red, brick wall behind her.

Jan Flint 
Assistant Director of Accessibility

Jan has recently come on board as an employee. She received her BA in Education from Central Washington University and is a retired teacher. Jan loves to travel and learning about different cultures–the excitement of a new place and new foods.