IT Accessibility

Functional Testing (front end)

Ensure your website is usable by all; have it tested by people with disabilities completing tasks on your site. This is not just testing code but instead the usability of your site. Wandke Consulting specializes in switch testing for users with limited manual dexterity.

Learn more about the importance of switch testing.

Technical Testing (back end)

Technical accessibility audits go one step further than a simple, automated audit. For those with existing websites, have a number of representative pages tested to give you an idea of what needs to be updated.  

Website Remediation

Does your website need updating? When testing the accessibility, we can help you further by simultaneously implementing the changes. Update your website and/or mobile app with us now! 

Document Remediation

We can test as well as remediate documents–like PDFs–so they are accessible to all who desire this provided resource. 

Accessible Website Development

For entities that desire to build a new website, you will benefit from creating an online presence that is accessible from the get-go. Take the initiative and save your organization money and increase your market in the long run. Contact us so we can build your accessible website now.

Case Studies

Client profile:

> A worldwide software company that streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital in order to deliver better experiences to their customers. 

Services offered:

> Provided accessibility testing; tested website pages compatibility with switch control and switch access; tested website pages compatibility with screen readers & magnification on both Mac and Windows.

Business value:

> Provided disability perspective through testing as a person with low dexterity; enhanced user experience, enhanced visibility into customer issues.