From One Entrepreneur to the Next: The Self-Employment Exploration Development (SEED) Program

From One Entrepreneur to the Next: The Self-Employment Exploration Development (SEED) Program

“I love mentoring the next generation of leaders with disabilities,” says Daman Wandke, our Founder and CEO. “As people with disabilities, we are natural problem solvers, trying to fit into a world not made for us. Through my entrepreneurship journey, I have helped many organizations find solutions to become more accessible. Now I would like to empower young people with disabilities with the knowledge and tools to know that self-employment is an option for them. Let’s see what problems this next generation can solve as entrepreneurs.”

Announcing the SEED Program

Generation Z (Gen Z) is the core population of 16 to 21 year-olds with disabilities. This generation is drawn to freelancing, self-employment, and entrepreneurship due to the work-life balance associated with being your own boss. We at Wandke Consulting believe that youth with disabilities should be provided with the same opportunities as their peers. 

Entrepreneurship is a beneficial type of employment for people with disabilities. According to the 2019 Census American Community Survey, approximately 700,000 disabled workers were self-employed. Also, according to the Office of Disability Employment Policy at the Department of Labor, entrepreneurs with disabilities have successfully operated a wide range of businesses including accounting and used-clothing stores. With being your own boss comes flexibility for scheduling doctor’s appointments, the ability to balance income with disability benefits, and not having to explain accommodations to an employer. When you’re your own boss, you can create your own accommodations that best fit your needs.

Wandke explains, “through my entrepreneurship journey, I have learned how self-employment is a good option for me. I have learned many skills needed to be successful from some amazing mentors. I now want to take that acquired knowledge and pass it on to Gen Z.” This includes inviting some of Wandke’s mentors to teach workshops to each cohort. Wandke Consulting’s team has over 30 years of advocating for the disability community and is in a unique position to provide guidance and mentoring.

Wandke Consulting is now offering our Self-Employment Exploration Development Program (SEED) to young adults ages 16 to 21 with disabilities who wish to be their own boss. For more information, check out the SEED webpage and, if this is the right program for you, apply today.