Disability Inclusion Training Sessions

We provide customizable trainings on disability and accessibility as well as specifics on implementing accessibility and inclusion. It all depends on what an organization is looking to learn and accomplish.

Disability Inclusion Training Sessions

We at Wandke Consulting offer customizable training sessions to educate about and bring awareness to the issues that impact the disability community. We provide a broad overview of disability and accessibility to educate on how to incorporate these topics into the conversation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We can also dive in deeper to provide specifics on how to implement accessibility and inclusion into best practices. It all depends on what an organization is looking to learn and accomplish.

We believe that every topic that impacts humanity impacts the disability community, as every identity in which one can identify intersects with disability. With the understanding that organizations have specific missions and that departments have a specific focus, we try our best to center our training around this notion.  

Customizing Our Training Sessions to You

Our process begins with customizing our training session(s) to your organization and/or event. We have a discussion with the organization to understand what topic(s) will benefit you the most. We then take that information and combine it with the knowledge we have accumulated through the years to make the most beneficial training session(s) that is tailored to the specific audience. 

We highly encourage that our training sessions be recorded as a future resource. This is to be shared with whoever has registered as well as internally within your organization. Upon request, we can record and send training sessions to the organization for future internal use.

Accompanying Resources

To accompany the training session, we provide the organization with an accessible slide deck and a follow-up email containing additional resources like tools and articles that are specific to the training topic. An optional step-by-step document, that addresses the topic of the training session, can be included. These resources are meant to enhance and implement what has been learned from the training session. 

Enhancement Services

To further enhance each training session, we provide coaching as well as homework review hours. Coaching and homework are meant to provide attendees with first-hand experience implementing what they learned. Practice makes perfect!

Thank You

We greatly appreciate you considering the incorporation of disability into the conversation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We offer a free coaching hour to anyone who purchases our training sessions. 

Check out our page to learn more about our Disability Inclusion training sessions, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Kyann at