Accessible Travel

As a traveler with a disability, Daman, the founder, and CEO has first-hand experience of the many barriers that can be faced while traveling. Throughout time, Daman has acquired the knowledge of why and how the travel industry should incorporate accessibility into hospitality.

Ensure your service–whatever it may be–is accessible and inclusive so that it is welcoming to everybody.


Ensure that your mode of transportation offered to travelers is as accessible and inclusive as possible. “We are all just trying to get from point A to point B.” ~Daman Wandke


Learn how accessibility is not “one size fits all” and how one accessibility accommodation may work for one person but not for another. Ensure comparable hospitality to everyone who may stay at your lodging facility.


Accessibility is a part of hospitality. Learn how to incorporate accessibility into your service’s everyday practices to ensure your hospitality is available to all.


Many travelers incorporate attractions into travel plans. Attractions could also be the main reason for travel. Learn the importance of making sure that your attraction is as accessible and inclusive as possible.