Disability Inclusion Training

Empowering You

We provide training for organizations looking to bring accessibility to the forefront of the DEI conversation. We also offer our expertise as keynote speakers for conferences, webinars, and events. Wandke Consulting is excited to help build disability inclusion into the foundation of your company.

Why Training

We offer our educational services in topics such as disability etiquette, disability in the workplace, creating inclusive websites, inclusive marketing for people with disabilities, how to respectfully accommodate people with disabilities, and more in regards to disability advocacy. Our goal is to build a conversation and provide you with the knowledge to be a leader for change. 

Why Speaking

Our speaking services extended to conferences, webinars, events and more. Our topics are aimed to construct positive and accurate perceptions of people with disabilities and to provide people with the framework to become an ally for the disability community. Our topics include but are not limited to accessibility, beauty, education, employment, housing, media, policy, self-advocacy, technology, transportation and travel, and how they intersect disability. 

Client Cases


A local commission created to provide leadership in the community’s efforts to prevent domestic and sexual violence.


Delivered a Disability Etiquette Training outlining how to best accommodate clients with disabilities. 


Gave a disability perspective to ensure that the services provided to the consumer are culturally appropriate, accessible and impactful.