Our Leadership

Daman Wandke

Entrepreneur | Educator | Advocate


Daman Wandke, the founder and CEO of Wandke Consulting, has Cerebral Palsy and a Master’s in Business. With the combination of both his life and professional experiences, Daman is uniquely positioned to understand the business’s needs and the disability community to offer low-cost, high-impact solutions for our clients. Daman understands that accessibility is not “one-size-fits-all”, yet his disability has made him innovative and he can find the best ways for your organization to make the biggest impact when investing in the area of accessibility.

Daman Wandke has over ten years of experience testing Web Accessibility in the public and private sectors. Ranging from small local businesses to multinational corporations, Daman has worked with a great range of organizations to help them look through the lens of living with a disability to accomplish the goal of becoming more accessible and inclusive to the disability community.

Before launching Wandke Consulting, Daman founded and developed AbiliTrek, a search and review platform that provides people with disabilities critical accessibility information to successfully navigate the world.

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Daman has not only completed many web accessibility audits, both technical and usability testing, and created a web platform all for better access, but he has also written articles, built curricula as well as completed many training sessions to educate about and advocate for the disability community to provide the framework of how to become an ally for the disability community.

Daman is also an educator in the traditional sense of the word in that he is an instructor at Western Washington University where he teaches Disability Studies courses like Disability in the Media and Disability in Leadership.


In addition to his duties at Wandke Consulting, Daman is greatly involved in the disability community. Daman serves:

Daman is also passionate about hiring and mentoring people with disabilities. Daman is an entrepreneur who has been mentored by many that he has welcomed into his life. He is motivated to share his expertise with others just like many have done, and continue to do, for him.