Empowering Nonprofits

We at Wandke Consulting understand the importance of the beneficiary work of nonprofits in furthering societal welfare. We seek to advance your humanitarian mission by ensuring that the disability community is not forgotten in your foundation.

Further Your Mission

Is it your goal to spread your mission and reach a greater number of people?
Is it your goal to have a diverse, inclusive, and equitable mission for the population in which you serve?
Is it your goal to do social good, but you are unsure of how to include disability in your mission?

Let Wandke Consulting Help You

We are people with disabilities.
We provide an understanding of what it is like to live with a disability.
We provide exposure to disability inclusion ideas.
We are accessibility advisors.

The Process

Share your mission and goals with us.
We will discuss how we can help you meet your goals. It is all about your mission.
We will provide our expertise to expand your mission to be inclusive of the disability community.

Our Offer for You

Disability intersects with every identity which one can hold; even if your mission is not disability driven, your mission does impact the disability community at some level.
We will provide you with a customized training session(s) or workshop(s) that incorporate disability into the diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation.
We would love to speak with your team to increase our nonprofit’s overall disability inclusion and awareness.

The Result

Become proactive, not reactive.
Improve your company culture.
Provide a safe and inclusive environment.

Increase your market base.
Sustain your organization.
Become an ally to the disability community.

Build your Nonprofit’s Mission to Include People with Disabilities

Go from feeling unsure or uncomfortable working with clients and employees with disabilities
to being confident and prepared to interact with and accommodate people with disabilities.

Contact our Team

We would like to empower you to make your mission more inclusive. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Our goal is to enhance disability awareness as well as better accessibility in every organization. Fill out the form below to find out how we can assist your organization to welcome more customers, adhering to modern laws, and building meaningful connections in your community.