Our Philosophy

Wandke Consulting is primed to empower businesses and organizations that are ready to incorporate access and inclusion of disabled people into their best practices. We are a company owned and led by disabled people who not only understand what the disability community needs to prosper but what businesses and organizations need to do and the beliefs they need to embody in order to become allies in providing equitable opportunities for disabled people to thrive.  

We at Wandke Consulting believe disability, in all of its diverse presentations and intersections with other identities, propels innovation. We are driven to build a culture where disability is valued and perceived as an asset in all aspects of life. Yet, disability has been left out of the inclusion conversation. Thus, we are here to bring disabled voices to the table. 

Just as disability is diverse, so are access needs as accessibility is not “one-size-fits-all”. Thinking outside the box is key when providing products, services, and work environments that are accessible, equitable, creative, and profitable. As disabled people, we bring an innovative, creative point of view to businesses and organizations. We are problem solvers driven by a passion for wanting to make change to a world originally not created for us. Not only do we encourage complying with federal and state laws, but we also bring the unique perspective of what will work for your business or organization right now and into the future. We care about creating high-impact, customized solutions that will bring the biggest benefit to the businesses and organizations with which we work.

We believe that accessibility is beneficial to everyone, for the disabled people now, and as a sustainable investment for everyone and the future. Anyone can become a part of the disability community at any time as everyone is temporarily able-bodied; disability does not discriminate.