Wandke Consulting is a small team of individuals with a vision of changing the service industry to be a more inclusive and accessible industry for the disability community. With 58 million people living in the US with a disability, we comprise a $490 billion market that is often overlooked and therefore untapped. Disability needs to be included in the practices of diversity and equity. We at Wandke Consulting can increase your knowledge of why this is important and how to implement accessibility and inclusion of the disability community into your organization’s practices. 

Wandke Consulting offers competitive rates to ensure that your business is more accessible and inclusive.

IT Accessibility

Technology is the key to the future, but to many people, it is not readily accessible. Wandke Consulting has the ability to improve your website by checking to see if all users have access or by creating new pages. Wandke Consulting can also design and build your custom and accessible website.

Find out more about how Wandke Consulting can help your online presence.

Accessible Travel

Travel can be extremely awesome but it can also be quite frustrating. This is especially the case for many people with disabilities as navigating the travel industry is not as welcoming as one would hope. Accessibility and inclusion are the keys to providing the best experience possible.

Find out how your hospitality organization could be more welcoming to a larger market base today.


As a person with a disability who has been living the life of an entrepreneur, Daman has learned how having a disability and being, and entrepreneur can impact each other. Daman desires to share his knowledge with you.

Learn more about how Daman’s experience as an entrepreneur with a disability may positively impact your clients or organization as a whole.

Inclusive Marketing

Does your organization currently represent the disability community? It is beneficial to your organization to incorporate disability into marketing in an accurate manner as inclusion can expand your market base.

Learn how your organization can incorporate disability into your marketing plan.

Speaking & Training

The team at Wandke Consulting has experience speaking to a range of audiences and can provide expertise and training on a plethora of topics.

Find out how our team can impact your organization by learning about disability, equity, and inclusion.

“Having Daman and Kyann present to our all staff meeting this Spring I marveled at the engagement of our staff. Keeping 100 people attention is challenging, and Daman and Kyann commanded the room with humor, compassion, and new information that our Team was soaking up! It was a memorable meeting and we all walked away with a deeper understanding and willingness to make changes in both our personal and professional lives. A fresh new committment to Welcome All to Boundary with Access and Understanding.”

Janet, Boundary Bay Brewery

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