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Website Accessibility Vendor for Agency Partnerships

Adding the value of digital accessibility to your agency’s service menu

Wandke Consulting partners with digital marketing agencies like yours to create inclusive online user experiences and ADA-compliant websites by offering detailed accessibility audits to your clients.

What We Do

Manual Website Accessibility Audit

Unlike automated testing platforms that only report 40% of site failures, our team of disability experts manually performs website accessibility audit services, assuring 100% of your site errors are addressed. We navigate websites just like any customer, providing a peak into an authentic experience. 

In contrast to overlays, our audits share exactly what needs to be updated so that access can be implemented. Rather than building accessibility right into the core of website, overlays are a bandaid that often lead to more barriers than accessibility. In 2021 alone, over 400 companies using a web accessibility widget or script were sued.

Adding our human touch to the process yields an easy-to-follow roadmap for your site to become ADA-compliant and fully accessible to users of all abilities. We use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Detailed Issue Tracker as a framework to reveal gaps in your client’s site accessibility and offer personalized guidance, including:

  • The Identification of any WCAG 2.1 compliance failures 
  • Explanation of each identified error as an accessibility barrier
  • Recommendations for repairs
  • Packaged in a simple yet detailed executive summary to present to your clients

Functional Website Testing

In addition to the web accessibility audit, we also offer usability testing. We employ assistive technologies to ensure front-end functionality for users with disabilities, conducted by people with disabilities, fully ensuring your clients’ websites meet web accessibility guidelines not only at the technical level, but at the functional level as well. 

To review your client’s web experience for people with disabilities, we apply an array of functional tests such as:

  • Screen reader testing
  • Screen magnifier testing
  • On-screen Keyboard testing
  • Switch testing

Most webpages have accessibility issues.

According to the WebAIM 2022 web accessibility report, 98.1% of the top 1 million web pages on the internet have Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) failures.

Are you interested in partnering with us as your agency’s website accessibility vendors? Talk with our team of accessibility experts today!

Why We Do It

Work Plans Fortified for Quality Assurance

As your website accessibility vendor, we’re committed to reinforcing your work plans with robust deliverables that make an impact. Our array of services moves your clients’ attention beyond just compliance. We create an executable inclusive experience strategy. Implementing our strategy will improve the overall quality of your clients’ web pages while exponentially increasing visibility and access, expanding client audiences and markets as a result. 

We create basic data reports for agencies like yours to repackage and personalize for your clients, so you can interpret and present information with ease. We handle the digital accessibility side of the work, allowing you to focus on maintaining your client relationships.

Demonstrate Commitment to Accessibility & Inclusion

Without question, most businesses care about their reputation and desire visibility that makes them “look nice” to the public. While some organizations may espouse seemingly empty commitments to equity and inclusion, we take our work seriously. By working with us, we know our agency partners do, too. 

An expert team of people with disabilities with various accessibility needs runs Wandke Consulting. We experience the lived impact our scope of work has on people in the disabled community, first-hand. Suppose you're looking for equity and accessibility work to help demonstrate your devotion to building inclusive online spaces. In that case, you can prove your integrity by delivering Wandke services.

Digital Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Web accessibility brings a variety of benefits, not limited to:

  • Higher SEO rankings and increased organic traffic
  • An elevated brand presence
  • Reduced legal risk 
  • A better user experience for all

Regardless of your client’s industry, any company with a web presence can benefit from a commitment to digital accessibility via website accessibility audits. It has been determined that in just the United States alone, there are about 61 million people living with a disability. This large population makes up a $490 billion market and without accessibility cannot be fully tapped. Worldwide, there are over one billion people with a disability that create a market worth $13 trillion. This is a market that no business wants to miss out on. Let us help you help your clients to achieve goals in their purview: to have an ADA -compliant website and to broaden their audiences by making their website accessible to all.

Wandke Consulting is a Bellingham, WA based accessibility consulting firm. We are a small business with a team of disabled professionals dedicated to bringing accessibility and inclusion to the foreground of the digital landscape.