Web Accessibility

What We Do

Wandke Consulting specializes in web accessibility testing to provide your customers and employees with disabilities a seamless user experience on your websites and apps. We apply testing to the front end of your website to align you with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Within this process, we ensure your website’s compatibility with switch control, on-screen keyboards, screen reader and screen magnifier software, and that it also provides the audio equivalent for deaf and hard of hearing users. Additionally, we offer assistance for web development, remediations, and updates. We are eager to help your business foster a more inclusive web presence.

  • As people with disabilities we have real firsthand experience navigating accessibility accommodations.
  • We are a Disability Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE).
  • We are good problem solvers because we live in a world not designed for us.  
  • Just because something meets WCAG doesn’t mean it is usable.
  • We supplement our technical testing of web accessibility with usability testing.

User Impacts


People with low dexterity need websites to be compatible with Switch Control, Switch Access, and on-screen keyboards. 19.9 million people in the United States have difficulty grasping or lifting which could impact their use of a mouse or keyboard. An accessible website is the metaphorical ramp to your business for people with disabilities. 


People with blindness, low vision, or reading disabilities need websites to be compatible with screen magnifiers, screen readers, and comply with visual content guidelines. 8.1 million Americans are blind or low vision, and approximately 15.2 million people in the US have a cognitive or mental disability. Users that are blind, low vision, or have a reading disability need an audio equivalent to all visual content on websites.


The Deaf community and people who are hard of hearing need websites to have a visual equivalent to all audio content and videos. There are roughly 7.6 million Americans that are Deaf or hard of hearing. Deaf users or users that are hard of hearing might rely on transcripts and/or captions for audio and video media.

Web Accessibility Services

Usability Testing

We provide usability testing, employing the use of assistive technologies to ensure the front end of your website complies with web accessibility guidelines. In order to review your website’s usability for people with disabilities, we apply screen reader, screen magnifier, on-screen keyboards, and switch testing. This process answers one simple question: Can a person with a disability effectively navigate your website?

Technical Testing

We implement testing on your website to ensure that it aligns with accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1). We then add scripts that identify the inaccessible elements of your website and make them accessible by adding ARIA tags. In some cases, making the website accessible requires more alterations.

Document Remediation

We provide document remediations to include necessary features that better include people with disabilities. In this process we ensure that your documents are compatible with assistive technologies and align with web accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

Accessible Web Development

We offer full-stack capabilities for web developments, remediations, and updates. Our focus is to provide a finished product that is fully accessible for people with disabilities, and compliant with web accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

Client Cases


A worldwide software company dedicated to streamlining organizations’ journey in becoming digital.


Provided Web accessibility report focused on usability for users employing assistive technologies. This process tests for compatibility with devices such as switch control and switch access, screen readers and magnification, and outlines remediations for the web developer.


This service enhances usability for people of all abilities, aligns websites with ADA guidelines, and provides a unique perspective through testing as a person with low dexterity.